Our Approach

Our 4 step approach ADIS is explained below. While the idea is to develop a customized Change / Improvement program that best suits the current requirements of an organization, we also offer multiple modes of engagement - there by allowing the organization to choose the engagement model that aligns with their requirement.


  • Review existing documents and metrics pertaining to the identified area
  • Conduct interviews with key stakeholders
  • Build a business benefit document for the initiative


  • Design a customised improvement program * that details out the planned intervention, based on the findings from the Assess phase
  • Identify a core team from within the client organisation that will work on the improvement program


  • Roll out the improvement program
  • Program manage the initiative with identified sponsors
  • Track the key metrics and communicate the improvements and the changes


  • Identify owners for the sustaining the improvements
  • Provide required training and handholding to the identified team
  • Institutionalise periodic reporting of the key metrics
*-Based on the nature of the improvement required, the program design will involve a mix of methodologies that includes (but is not limited to) Lean, Six Sigma, TOC and BPM